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Safe water and sanitation are basic human rights!

What we do - Plumbing Professionals, Education, Tools, SuppliesPlumbers Without Borders seeks to connect volunteer plumbing professionals with organizations working in impoverished areas in need of safe drinking water and sanitation.

Our vision includes building a global database/directory of volunteer plumbing and mechanical tradespeople, related professionals, sources for materials, education, and technology. This directory will function and serve as a resource for other humanitarian organizations working towards our common goal in the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector.

Through this directory we seek to make the process of finding and deploying plumbing professionals and resources easier, faster and more efficient.

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Become part of our team

Become part of our team

Our team of dedicated plumbers and amazing support staff has the perspective to embrace extraordinary challenges and the drive to get remarkable results.

We are determined in our goal to provide as many people as we possibly can with clean drinking water and sanitation. By improving the way people deal with waste and by teaching people how to distribute clean water we can save lives, improve overall health and ensure greater dignity.

We are looking for individuals who share our passion and who wish to donate their time and skills to help make our mission and goals a reality.


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Help us expand our reachYour generous support helps provide clean drinking water, sanitation and education to people in the developing world.

We are reliant on donations and sponsorships from caring individuals like you. Whether you would like to provide us with a one-time donation or are looking for an ongoing partnership, your contribution will be wisely spent to maximize its impact. Donations from US supporters are tax-deductible.


American Standard - Flush For Good

Every day 2,000 children die due to dirty water and poor sanitation. The Champion Toilet is helping change that.

American Standard received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to focus on addressing sanitation issues in Sub-Saharan Africa and learn more about specific needs in this part of the world. Recently American Standard engineers visited Sub-Saharan Africa and ultimate goal is to replicate the sanitation product development model that was used to create the SaTo in Bangladesh. For more on this, visit

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