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Community projects in Uganda seeking volunteers

Helping Hands 4 Africa would like to utilize your skills and knowledge in Uganda to develop and construct 5 wells for rural schools, that will provide clean safe drinking water for the students and community. *Rain harvesting and upgrading pit latrine collection are potential projects when funding is finalized. HH4Africa is a community based organization […]

LIXIL to Expand SaTo (“Safe Toilet”) Market Globally

Aiming to improve sanitation for 100 million people by 2020 with an award from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. SaTo products are designed to improve the user experience and safety of open-pit latrines Over one million units are currently in use in over 14 countries The Sato series today consists of several variations, adapted […]

Hospital projects in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew update! Build Health International was in the process of building a new surgical center in Fond-des-Blancs, Haiti, when Hurricane Matthew struck the south coast. In its devastating aftermath, they are redeploying staff, crews, materials, equipment, and other resources in an all-out effort to help clear roads, repair bridges, ensure access to food and […]

Nepal re-building efforts can benefit from your skills…

   Volunteers Initiative Nepal  initiated its disaster relief project to help victims right after the massive earthquake on 25th Aprll, 2015.  They have completed two phases of disaster relief …. and can use your help….. Click link below to the Volunteers Initiative Nepal -website for more details about water and sanitation projects…. Thank you! Post Disaster Relief: Reconstruction […]

Volunteer opportunities

Construction for Change (CfC) has openings for volunteers with plumbing and electrical backgrounds who are looking to give of their time and expertise in exchange for a once in a life time experience as a CfC Project Manager serving in under-resourced communities across the globe. Our goal is to build safe, sustainable infrastructure for nonprofits […]

Sierra Leone orphanage would love your plumbing help

Your plumbing and mechanical skills could help improve the lives of these beautiful children, who became orphans when the ebola virus took their parents. They currently have to fetch water by hand from a nearby well, and would greatly benefit from the installation of a solar water pump. While the orphanage searches for a suitable […]

SaTo Toilet Pan Brings Safe Sanitation to Rural Haiti

These Haitian siblings ― residents of Pierre Payen, Haiti ― are beaming with pride. They were the first. The first home in Friendship Village with no flying insects spreading dangerous diseases to their family. Also, the first residents in their village to live free from a latrine stench pervading their living quarters. The first family […]

Ganta Hospital in Liberia wants you!

Please consider offering your skills and knowledge to help Patrick and his staff to continue delivering health services to over 600,000 plus clients yearly. You will have a life changing experience providing you with a lifetime of memories and friendships.  Please update your volunteer profile in our database on the Volunteer page. This request for […]

Contractor Magazine spotlights Plumbers Without Borders

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — In an early 20th century advertisement from American Standard Brands, a proud plumber holding a pipe wrench stands below a slogan that reads “The Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation.” Now a five-year old, Seattle-based non-profit called Plumbers Without Borders (PWB) wants to update that truism for the 21st century. “We […]