Cameroon rural communities seek improved sanitation…

Please consider offering your plumbing/mechanical skills to help United Action for Children(UAC): support and improve the lives of women, children and the community who are suffering from the lack of safe water and sanitation.
Under this project, UAC is actively involved in the development of rural communities through the provision of piped water and sanitary systems with local community members who need the help of volunteer skilled tradespeople.
UAC project is targeting the Mbio village in the Tinto Municipality, South West Cameroon, where 95%of the population defecate in open fields. The prevalence of water related diseases is exacerbated by a lack of knowledge and proper hygiene and sanitation services.
During the past ten years, UAC has implemented community development activities in Buea and Mamfe and has through these activities developed new thinking and practice in participatory community action and community mobilization.
While considering this volunteer opportunity, please be advised that all travel expenses including visa, vaccinations and transport are the responsibility of the volunteer.
For more information about this project please contact:
Orock Thomas – Project Coordinator
United Action for Children P. O. Box 177
Muyuka, SWP Cameroon Tel: 237 7720418 Fax: 237 3322769

*Cameroon registered non profit No. 557/G37/014/1/VO4/T/T/OAPP.