Safe water and sanitation are basic human rights!

Community projects in Uganda seeking volunteers

Helping Hands 4 Africa would like to utilize your skills and knowledge in Uganda to develop and construct 5 wells for rural schools, that will provide clean safe drinking water for the students and community.
*Rain harvesting and upgrading pit latrine collection are potential projects when funding is finalized.

HH4Africa is a community based organization with multiple initiatives to improve the health and quality of life for poor communities of Uganda. NGO’s and the government have made improvements, but due to increasing population, scaling up coverage of water, sanitation, energy and infrastructure remains a serious issue.

The majority of the HH4Africa volunteers, are placed in rural areas of eastern Uganda although projects do also exist in other parts of the country. Potential volunteers will be working with the community leaders responsible for the project, and will likely stay with a host family involved in the construction of the wells.

*Volunteers with plumbing/mechanical skills are encouraged to apply. HH4Africa recommends if you can to stay at least 4 weeks, but 2 week stints can be helpful especially with your specific skills and knowledge.

HH4Africa is a volunteer run community organization with limited funding, thereby request volunteers are prepared to cover most of their travel and related personal expenses.

For more info, please contact:

Contact: Bogere Ali


Helping Hands 4 Africa