Empower and Care Organization

EACO is looking for volunteers to help with the construction of 40 boreholes in the rural areas of Mukono, outside Kampala, Uganda, with two boreholes already drilled. EACO’s work is critical in saving lives and improving overall community health, especially by reducing diarrheal diseases, caused by unsafe water. Many families often face no other choice but to send their children to fetch water from wells 5-9km away. An added challenge to these villages’ water supply is that the water from ponds is being shared with livestock, causing contamination and frequent cases of malaria, typhoid, and diarrhea. Lack of safe drinking water in the district of Mukono also affects the economy and the ecosystem. By improving health, boys and girls will have better opportunities for education, enabling them to be leaders in guiding future development.
Vented Latrine pit construction is included as a significant part of the borehole projects, and consequently improving community health, by reducing the risk of contaminating the water resource due to the practice of open defecation. The ventilated latrine pits offer a safe and secure sanitary solution and the potential to provide villagers with compostable soil enrichment material, enabling the development of sustainable agricultural cash crops to market.
EACO could also use your help with research for Donors, and Funding for this life-saving work, which could be done online without the need to travel!
If you would like to offer your time and skills, please contact:
Shadrak Kyobe – empuganda@yahoo.com +256774310393 Kampala, Uganda
Thank you!