Ganta Hospital in Liberia wants you!

Please consider offering your skills and knowledge to help Patrick and his staff to continue delivering health services to over 600,000 plus clients yearly. You will have a life changing experience providing you with a lifetime of memories and friendships.  Please update your volunteer profile in our database on the Volunteer page.

This request for help comes directly from the Ganta Hospital Administrator, Patrick Mantor.Patrick Manor



Excerpts and description of work and staff by Mr. Mantor


Our hospital is outfitted with 1946 plumbing and it needs to be replaced. This is a very big and technical project. Our constraints are funding and acquiring qualified and experienced plumbers to draw up a plumbing system replacement plan and attach realistic cost estimate. With the realistic cost estimate, we will invite our partners to support us to modernize the plumbing system.

We solicit volunteer plumbers to assist us.

We will provide in country transportation, housing and meals.

The pediatric ward and the ob/gyn ward will be the first areas that will be retrofit. We have a very hard working and committed maintenance crew.  However, their level of expertise is limited. 

We have one plumber and one plumbing assistant who learned their trade through an apprentice type training.    All water and sewage systems are onsite with well water and septic field.  We have deep drilled wells and electric pumps pumping water into many reservoirs with gravity flow through the piping system. 


Piping Materials are locally available.

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Main contacts for project:

Patrick Mantor,

and Mary Zigbuo,

Thanks so much for your help.




P.O. BOX 1010


telephone:  +231 880834162; +231 770456998