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American Standard

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Thank you to American Standard, our first and Premier corporate sponsor, for their leadership in spearheading the launch of our global volunteer database.

Through their various partnerships, including the Gates Foundation and UNICEF, American Standard is leading the way in solving the sanitation crisis affecting more than 5 billion people in the developing world.

American Standard is dedicated to raising the standard in daily living through life-improving products and responsible innovation . See the entire line of newly designed SaTo products that are changing lives around the world. http://www.sato.lixil.com

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We mean progress.

Uponor’s motto efficiently encompasses the many elements of leadership and global development that are in perfect harmony with Plumbers Without Borders’ purpose and vision. PWB is immensely grateful to Uponor for being the first industry leader to launch our “Champion of Industry” partnership!

A global pioneer in intelligent plumbing and climate solutions, Uponor has proudly led the industry forward for a century, while enriching the lives of millions throughout the world. Their trusted products and project-spanning partnerships build strong businesses while moving water where it needs to go, effortlessly and flawlessly. The people of Uponor are a force for progress, making a difference in the defining issues of our time: conserving water and energy, supporting the future of skilled labor, and creating healthier places to live and work.

PWB proudly supports and shares Uponor’s passion for progress and their commitment to making meaningful improvements to health and lives daily. With Uponor’s generous support, we look forward to building and delivering on our mission and shared vision.

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United Association Local 32

As an industry leader, your support leads the way! Please contact us today to find out how you can make a difference!

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