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Articles and stories about Plumbers Without Borders, in chronological order

  1. 2010 – Jed Scheuermann story pg 6 Inspired us to create PWB – Hope for Haiti
    This is the story that helped launch PWB.

  2. 2012 : IAPMO OFFICIAL magazine – introducing PWB

  3. 2012 – PHCC Article – Thinking Locally Affecting Globally
    Comprehensive story about PWB’s initial mission.

  4. 2012 – Article in IAPMO OFFICIAL magazine highlighting Fred Schilling and his initial trip to Haiti.
    Includes great photos of Fred Schilling’s first trip to Haiti and his work with Haititec staff and students.

  5. 2013 – PWB blog – Plumbers – and – Doctors – Teamwork – Promoting Health
    PWB partners with Seattle Alliance Outreach (2013) to help create solutions for improving medical facilities’ plumbing systems in Ethiopia.

  6. 2014 – Libertarian Press – A time for Plumbers Without Borders
    Random blog post addressing the timeliness and need for PWB.

  7. 2014 – Contractor Magazine online article
    Comprehensive overview of PWB’s mission and the plumbing industry’s engagement.

  8. 2014 – Fine Home Building magazine – about Fred Schilling
    A great article interviewing Fred – highlighting his efforts in Haiti.

  9. 2014 – PM engineer magazine highlighting American Standards’s initial donation to PWB.
    American Standard helped launch PWB’s global database with the first significant corporate donation made to Plumbers Without Borders.

  10. 2014 – Plumbing and Mechanical magazine online highlighting American Standard’s consequential donation to PWB.

  11. 2014 – Reeves Journal
    Celebrating American Standard’s leadership in supporting PWB.

  12. 2014 – Press release – American Standard Supports Plumbers Without Borders

  13. 2015 – article
    “A digital news & lifestyle magazine and social action platform for the conscious consumer” describes the significance of PWB’s mission.

  14. 2015 – SAO – online story mention of PWB
    Seattle Alliance Outreach’s mission to improve medical facilities in Ethiopia engages a multi-disciplinary approach.

  15. 2015 – NPR Article – Goats and Soda section – Interviewing a Plumber
    Fred Schilling speaks with NPR about the role that plumbers and plumbing have in improving lives.

  16. 2015 – Huffington Post – Unsung heroes story about PWB
    The impact of plumbing and plumbers in our world.

  17. 2015 – Plumber Magazine -about PWB:
    Celebrating World Plumbing Day and taking action.

  18. 2015 – Empowering Pumps article
    Celebrating our industry’s contributions and call to action for GIVEBIG 2015.

  19. 2015 – Press release by American Standard about their innovative Sato toilets and global partnerships.

  20. 2015 – Plumber Magazine about PWB

  21. 2016 – Forbes magazine online about Volunteering
    Forbes mentions Plumbers Without Borders !

  22. 2016 – career spotlight : “What I do as a plumber“.
    Interview spotlight with Fred Schilling describing the many interesting facets of being a plumber.

  23. 2016 – ASSE and PWB launch Plumbing term of the day

  24. 2016 – Huffington Post – How To Help Haiti
    Following Hurricane Matthew’s destruction in Haiti, PWB is mentioned among the organizations working in Haiti to help bring relief.

  25. 2016 – Reeves Journal : “Hanging up the wrenches, a retirement gig.”
    How PWB was founded, upon retiring and reflecting – realizing life-long goals.

  26. 2016 – Jackson County Advocate – Plumber’s pipe dream made reality in Haiti
    Heart-warming story about Jeff Morgan and his post-retirement foray, jumping feet-first into volunteerism, and inspiring others.

  27. 2017 – Blue Collar Proud: Radio podcast
    Great podcast interview with Fred Schilling.

  28. 2017 – Mass Plumbers Newsletter – The Pipeline
    Greater Boston Plumbing Contractors Association and UA Local 12 announce their support for PWB.

  29. 2018 – PHC News – How a retired plumber ended up in Haiti
    Cover story ! about Jeff Morgan and how he ended up in Haiti, as he contemplated and entered retirement.

  30. 2019 – CONTRACTOR magazine : “Providing a Basic human need
    The most comprehensive story written to date about Plumbers Without Borders, their beginnings, their mission, and their determination to help others attain the most basic of human rights: safe water and sanitation!

  31. American Standard partnership -Water Mission and Plumbers Without Borders

  32. PHCC PROS Plumbers Without Borders Water Mission call for help

  33. Dayton Daily News:

  34. Contractor Magazine – April 7th, 2021- Plumbers Saving the Health of Texans

  35. Re: American Standard calls for help to Texas

  36. NBC News

  37. Plumber Magazine: PWB and Water Mission

  38. Contractor Magazine:

  39. City of Austin: Press Release – March 11th, 2021

  40. Plumbers Without Borders Arrive in Dilley, Pearsall, Frio County… – DILLEY AGUAS

  41. Plumbers Training Institute: Texas Storm Recovery | Plumbers Training Institute

    Lance Berkman grateful for repair work from Water Mission in home state (


  1. Haiti : Fred Schilling with American Standard installing the first Sato in Haiti
    Many Thanks to American Standard for this great piece of videography, documenting the first Sato toilet installation in Haiti, and the Western hemisphere. Includes local leader, Madame Saint-Natus, as well as Jim McHale, of American Standard’s Research and Development team, leading the effort.

  2. TV news coverage 2012 – Introducing_PWB
    Local King 5 News segment, introducing the founders of PWB, 2 local plumbers (and their wives) in Seattle.

  3. SAO doctors and PWB partner to assist Ethiopian hospitals develop solutions for advancing their kidney dialysis technologies and education.