The following projects are listed in alphabetical order sorted by country, as posted by their respective organizations, who are responsible for managing and coordinating their project workflow.

Willing volunteers are encouraged to communicate directly with the contact person listed within the project details.

Ideally, PWB seeks to find projects that already have funding and a project manager available to ensure the most efficient use of talent and resources, however, as is often the case , many communities that have serious needs also lack
the funding and the management. As a potential volunteer, please consider these various factors while assessing the best suitability of your skills to each project.

If you are an organization with the capacity to “manage projects”, please consider some of these projects, as your services are critical to their success.

As this list evolves, through our volunteer efforts, please let us know about your experiences, so that we can better serve you and the organizations and communities who are seeking help. Thank you!