Sustainable Sanitation: The Drive to 2015

The Sanitation Drive to 2015 is an advocacy campaign working to meet the Millennium Development Goal sanitation target and end open defecation. We support and inspire people from around the world to take action towards achieving sanitation and hygiene for all by targeting the poorest and most vulnerable people. These actions will generate substantial benefits, including increased economic growth and productivity, improved health, enhanced social equity, and a cleaner environment.

The Drive to 2015 grew out of an initiative within the United Nations. The Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation proposed the idea and called on others working in a range of sectors to join the effort. UN-Water, the association of all UN bodies working on water and sanitation issues, is coordinating the work. A number of civil society groups around the globe have pledged their support and are in the process of defining concrete activities that will contribute to achieving the objective of sanitation for all people.

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