Thanks to the tremendous generosity of volunteer plumbers from across the country, and industry leaders stepping up to help the people of Texas, access to safe running running was restored for hundreds of families, whose pipes and plumbing systems were damaged by the freezing temperatures of February’s storm Uri. (2021)

Plumbers Without Borders extends our deepest gratitude to all the generous volunteer plumbers, apprentices, family members, their communities, our partners, and our industry’s leaders, sponsors, and donors, who made this all possible! We extend a special shout-out of gratitude to Water Mission for partnering with PWB!

Thanks to their quick response and expertise in disaster recovery events, PWB was able to leverage the strength of our growing database of volunteer plumbers, who also responded very quickly and with an enthusiastic willingness to lend their time and skills to help our fellow Americans.

To drive our efforts and ensure success, PWB’s longest-standing supporter, American Standard, stepped up immediately to help fund volunteer plumbers’ travel expenses, as well as to help support PWB’s capacity to respond.

PWB teamed up with Water Mission to help as many people as possible, following the damages caused by the recent round of freezing temperatures and ensuing water crisis that affected more than 14 million people.

The initial and immediate need was for licensed plumbers who could drive to Austin with their truck and tools… and potentially stocked with plumbing pipe and fittings …as there was no guarantee piping materials will be readily available.

Volunteer plumbers were based in the Austin area with recovery efforts managed by Water Mission and their local partner, Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN).

All efforts were prioritized to address the most under-resourced residents with the most urgent needs.

Water Mission is a Christian international disaster response and water engineering organization with staff located in Austin, Texas. Learn more at:

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