Volunteer plumbers & engineers wanted for remote consultations!

Help create new models of construction and living! Work with One Community, an all-volunteer nonprofit-sustainability think tank, who’s seeking volunteer plumbing engineers and plumbers to work (remotely) to help complete the plumbing plans for these open source designs:
One Community is seeking volunteers with: 3+ years industry experience Minimum of 10 weekly volunteer hours (work from home) Sufficient commitment to finish the plans for the component you choose to help with Your own copy of AutoCAD and any other software you will use for your work with us  
These open source structures are all part of eco-humanitarian villages to be built around the world. They will operate as teacher/demonstration hubs designed to teach others how to replicate them. This will provide replicable and sustainable housing, food, and energy infrastructure and education for areas in need, disaster areas, and as demonstration models.
 HOW TO APPLY: You’re welcome to visit their online application page here, where you can also learn more about One Community and how they work with and promote their volunteers:
Alternatively, you may also send your resume and work samples directly to their Executive Director, Jae Sabol, who is interviewing and hiring for this position: jae@onecommunityglobal.org

and you may also copy Domenico at Plumbers Without Borders:   dom@plumberswithoutborders.org

  Thank you!